book published by good morning light in 2009
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52 pages, full color, offset
Softcover, saddle stitching
5.5" x 7.9" (14cm x 20cm)
First edition 400
$15 plus shipping
(within USA: $6; to other countries: $11)

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These pictures were taken when my novelty of surroundings had worn off and ambitions to describe the city hadn't emerged. I would get up a little early somehow, go through these images with my drowsy eyes and think, "Some doesn't looked so bad sometimes."


It was about two years ago that I first saw a Zheng Yaohua’s work.

In the photograph, three little wizards line up from left to right, walking in the warm sun along the horizon. It is very appealing to me, as if some story was taking place there... In fact, it is the real world, they are just three passers-by.

I do not know how to describe that feeling.

Neither do I want to describe his photos from the professional point of view. The above example has shown the magic in his photographs.

His work always bring me a lot of imagination. What happened? What will happen? Through his eyes and shootings, he led us into his field, a world between reality and fiction. When editing this book, I often wondered : how did he record them all? He's like a lucky one who found the trace of angels and guests from another world along some hints.

To me, Zheng is a storyteller. His story is full of poetry and secrets.