Zheng Yaohua was born in Shanghai, China in 1962. He studied Chinese language and literature at Shanghai Normal University where he received his Bachelor's degree in 1985. He has been a video editor, motion graphic designer and a writer for more than a decade before starting to treat photography as a serious tool for his art creation. Zheng currently lives and works in New York City, U.S., where he has to be merely an on-my-way-to/from-office photographer, but as serious as he has been.

After spending a year in New York, 2004, four photographs from Zheng's Under Manhattan Bridge were selected to be included in a publication 28mm: OFFLINE (Netherlands). In 2006, he was awarded first place in QMA Seven Train Photo Contest hosted by the Queens Museum of Art (New York City). His debut photo book Sleepwalk was published in 2010.

Zheng is an awardee of 2011 QCAF award, funded by the NYDCLA Greater New York Arts Development Fund, for his important project On Their Sites started in early 2007. The work was sparked by his contemplation of mundane things and average individuals.


Solo Exhibitions:
2011 On Their Sites, Cutrure Square in the Flushing Mall, NY, U.S.

Group Exhibitions:
2008 C.E.R.F.S.A., Centre A, Vancouver, Canada
2008 4, CAAC 456 Gallery, New York, U.S.
2007 Intimate Distance, Q-art Gallery, New York, U.S.
2004 One Way, Meso-Chi Gallery, Shanghai, China

2011 QCAF founded by NYDCLA (U.S.)
2004 28mm Final Issue (Netherlands)
2006 QMA Seven Train Photo Contest (U.S.)

2011 Behind (Ones Press, U.S.)
2009 Sleepwalk (Good Morning Light, China)
2009 OTS on 2010 Calender (Self-published, U.S.)
2008 The Photographic Dictionary
2007 Schmap Guides (New York Guide)
2006 Foto and Video (China)
2005 28 MM: OFFLINE (Netherlands)
2005 Art Section, China Press USA (U.S.)

2008 NY Arts(U.S.): On the Rise
2008 Would Journal(U.S.): 4 Photo Show: NYC in Chinese Photographers' View
2006 Foto and Video (China): Everybeachs